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Ideal Protein is a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Method...

Our Weight Loss Coaches Teach You to Prevent the Pounds From Coming Back

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered dieting before…you’ve probably tried a few. Perhaps you lost a few pounds (did you gain it back?), or quit because you found it too difficult, maybe it was just too expensive to continue. Whatever your dieting history is, it’s in the past…and starting today you can stop letting your past dictate your future, because the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol offers our North Denver dieters what they really want...a focused plan that can put an end to constant dieting.

Pick up the phone and give our Broomfield weight loss clinic a call 303-548-3841, we teach dieters to lose weight and keep it off!

Our Dieters Achieve their Weight Loss Goals

Our medically developed protocol is a short-term plan, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Your weight loss will unfold in 4 phases:Learn more about Ideal Protein

  • Phases 1 & 2 focus on weight loss, until 100% of your goal is met; 
  • Phases 3 & 4 concentrates on increasing your knowledge of balanced lifestyle choices and smarter eating habits so you are better able to sustain a stable, balanced weight after dieting.

After Ideal Protein you’ll have learned HOW to enjoy the foods you love without the guilt.

Anyone can lose weight…learning how you can maintain a stable weight should be your ultimate goal. Click here and find out how the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol helps our Broomfield dieters achieve their weight loss goals.

Dr. Melissa Groelz

Dr. Melissa Groelz graduated Valedictorian from University of Colorado, Boulder in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Groelz also graduated at the top of her class in her Doctoral program. She has helped thousands of dieters achieve significant, long term weight loss and improved health. Dr. Groelz has a true passion for assisting others in finding a balanced and healthy life. The philosophy of her clinic is to educate, support and inspire patients in losing weight and keeping it off.

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